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What We Can Do?
We have a number of specialized buyers,one to one service,give you advice on the product.We provide customers with diverse product resources, expand your sourcing base, the are professional cost-effective products. We offer professional solutions to multiple countries and markets around the world, we know what your lab needs, and we can find them for you, so you do not have to worry, just focus on developing your business. At the same time, to ensure the safety of your laboratory, comply with your country's environmental regulations.

Various product resources

Cost-effective products

Professional Solutions

We currently have joint laboratories in some overseas countries, where we have our laboratory equipment, which can provide you with the actual operation of your product and show you how to use it better. After your full understanding of the product, then you input, that can reduce your risk. Our engineers will explain the expertise of the product, you can take your sample to have test.


Overseas Joint Laboratory

Provide product testing

Display the actual use of equipment

We can give you a new opportunity to create profits. With our extensive experience in overseas joint laboratories, efficient team of engineers, excellent equipment, deep expertise ,we can help you develop your business. We and the dealers build a joint laboratory together, every year engineers visited overseas to search and training. Eliminating the trouble of your aftermarket and maintenance. 

Opportunity to create profits

Build a Joint Laboratory

More channels to expand business
We all know that laboratory equipment as a high demand precision instruments, the after-sales service is extremely important. From the delivery of goods, we give 2 years warranty, a variety of spare parts's inventory is sufficient. At the same time, we provide you with all the technical documents, brochures, user manuals, and related exclusive operating videos. Each customer is equipped with a customer service specialist, 24 hours serve you by phone or mail, video communication. More importantly, we have a professional team of engineers every year to overseas make product maintenance and training, eliminating your worries.

Sufficient Accessories inventory

Provide technical documentation

Overseas repair and training
From the first day you buy our products, you will be timely access to our new advice, to facilitate your understanding of the latest developments in the market. At the same time,you will be eligible to take part in seminars with oversea Pharmaceutical factory,deep understanding for products.

Get new information timely

Various seminars

Engineer training
If you already have your own brand, we will be happy to provide you with OEM services, we have dozens of high quality suppliers can choose for you, and accept your customization program. And we can provide you with continuous service and arrange the transport of goods ,customs matters.

Provide OEM service

Multiple suppliers can choose

Accept customization