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SELON EX-1700 S-HPLC liquid chromatography system HPLC

  • EX-1700
EX1700S-HPLC Performance Comparison

The EX1700 S-HPLC® has a pressure range of 9000Psi and can handle 1.8-2.0 μm HPLC columns. It provides better separation, higher resolution, and faster analysis than conventional HPLCs. Actual analysis time can be reduced to 1/8-1/10 that of a conventional HPLC. EX1700 S-HPLC® offers superior lab solutions for fast super-efficient analysis, while greatly lowering operation costs. Whether it’s about efficiency, precision, or overall costs, EX1700 S-HPLC® has the absolute advantage over international HPLC products which run under normal pressures.
Compared with the conventional HPLC products of world-renowned brands, the EX1700 speedy HPLC offers better separation ability and peak symmetry, as well as more stable baseline and higher resolution. It also greatly reduces analysis times and costs while minimizing environmental impact. The EX1700 makes it possible to analyze hundreds of samples in just one day!

EX1700DP Ultra-high Precision Infusion System

1. High pressure stable constant-flow pump
2. High efficiency small-sized mixer
Model EX1700DP infusion unit
Liquid Infusion System Double parallel reciprocating infusion pumps equipped with binary high-pressure mixer
Flow Range 0.001-5.000 ml/min
Maximum Output Pressure 60MPa (0.001-2.500 ml/min)
Flow Set Value Error SS ≤ ±1% (water, 20°C, 1 ml/min, 10 MPa)
SS ≤ ±2% (water, 20°C, 1 ml/min, 40 MPa)
Flow Stability Error SR ≤ 0.3% (1 ml/min) (10 MPa)
GLP Function Providing pressure curve and flow curve, recording using frequency of piston seals
EX1700UV Highly Sensitive UV Detector

1. Low noise, low drift, and high sensitivity Patent No. 201320217848.0
2. Optional devices are available based on user’s needs including a micro-flow evaporative light-scattering etector and differential refractive index detector.
Model EX1700 UV detector
Light Source D2 lamp
Wavelength Range 190-700nm
Spectrum Bandwidth 4 nm
Flow Cell Volume 1.6μL (optical path length of 5mm)
Noise 4 × 10 -5 AU* (dynamic, specified test conditions)
Drift 5 × 10 -4 AU/h* (dynamic, specified test conditions)
Wavelength Accuracy ± 1 nm
Wavelength Precision < 0.1 nm
Response Time 0.02, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2 6,adjustable
Sampling Rate 50 sps (50 times per second)
Minimum Full Width at Half Maxima < 0.5 sec
GLP Function Recording spectral energy and D2 lamp burn time