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ARCUS 7 Autosampler

  • ARCUS 7
Arcus 7 Auto-sampler
Arcus 7 auto-sampler is an analytical auto-sampler designed for UHPLC(ultra-high pressure liquid chromatograph). It can be used for injection with all brands of UHPLC (ultra-high performance liquid chromatograph). It is a highly cost-effective and premium LC auto-sampler.
Product Specifications
Model Arcus 7 auto-sampler
Sample Loading Standard tray  (1) 2 mL × 54 vials (default standard configuration)
Expanded tray  (2) 10 mL × 15 vials
(3) 4 mL×35 vials
(4) 1 mL×96 vials
Each side can be loaded with different tray types. The system can automatically identify the tray type. Maximum192 vials are available (1 mL vial).
Vial Height H ≤ 52 mm (including septa and cap-mat)
Metering Pump Volume 200 μL (precision: 0.1 μL)
Injection Mode Full loop injection
Partial loop injection
No waste injection
Injection Volume Full loop injection: 0.1-80 μL (maximum), 50 μL (standard)
Partial loop injection: 0.1-50 μL (up to 80 μL)
No waste injection: 0.1-50 μL (up to 80 μL)
Quantitative Repeatability Full loop injection: RSD6 ≤ 0.3%
Partial loop injection: RSD6 ≤ 0.5% (injection volume: ≥ 5 μL)
No waste injection: RSD6 ≤ 1.0% (injection volume: ≥ 10 μL)
Memory Effect ≤ 0.005% (designated washing procedure)
Maximum Pressure 10000 psi (69 MPa)
Automatic Protection Missing vial alarm, sample needle fault alarm, jammed pipeline alarm, and leakage alarm