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ARCUS 5 Autosampler

  • ARCUS 5
Intelligent ARCUS 5 Auto-sampler
Arcus 5 is equipped with control software so you can operate it via PC. The user-friendly design facilitates fast easy analysis,sample dilution and mixing, and other steps in processing. 
The metering pump uses a gem piston rod, enabling the piston seals to endure more than 1 million cycles without any degradation in measurement accuracy, which saves you the inconvenience of replacing it. In fact, under normal operating conditions the piston seal will not require replacement for 3-5 years. 
Arcus 5 is equipped with advanced self-protection capabilities, so the operator is alerted to minimize damage due to misuse and potential errors can be prevented in a timely manner. 
The 0.1 - 120μL injection volume ensures that both large and small volume samples can be injected with high precision.
It employs short highly efficient injection cycle consisting of rapid repetitive injections to save time. 
Various optimizations reduce cross contamination among samples. 
Arcus 5 auto-sampler is compatible with all types of HPLC systems from different suppliers.
Model ARCUS-5 Analytical (I) ARCUS-5 Preparation (II)
Sample Loading Standard tray:(1) 2 ml x 54 vials (default standard configuration)
Expanded tray:(2) 10 ml x 15 vials (3) 4 ml x 35 vials
Each side could be set with one of the tray types and the tray in one side could be different from
the other side; the system could automatically identify the tray type; maximum108 vials are
available (2 ml vial)
Vial Height H≤ 52mm (including septa and cap-mat)
Metering Pump Volume 200μL (precision: 0.1μL)
Injection Mode Full loop injection
Partial loop injection
No waste injection
Automatic Protection Vial-missing alarm, sample needle fault alarm, pipeline jammed alarm, and leakage alarm
Power Supply AC 115-230V, 50/60Hz
Injection Volume   Maximum volume 500ul
System Test Quantitative
Full loop injection: RSD6 ≤ 0.3%
Partial loop injection: RSD6 ≤ 0.5%
(injection volume≥ 10μL)
No waste injection: RSD6 ≤ 1.0%
(injection volume≥ 10μL)
Memory Effect ≤ 0.005% (designated washing procedure)  
Maximum Pressure 40 Mpa (conventional) 60 Mpa
(ultra-high performance system)
40 Mpa
Metering Pump Precision   Accuracy of pumping fluid≤±3%
Pumping accuracy≤1%