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What is a high quality HPLC?

The High-Performance Liquid chromatography (HPLC) you opt for should be reliable, accurate and dependable. Hence the features should be compliant to various standards and traceability norms.
The major features of HPLC as called for are given below in a nutshell.
•       The solvent and sample management are to be integrated in such a way that you get traceability as well as reproducibility.
•       The advanced software offered should have unsurpassed linearity.
•       The sample injection is to be so precise that the accuracy is maintained throughout the range of values.
•       The system back pressure need to be carefully monitored and controlled so that the sample injection volume is fool proof.
•       The HPLC should be of high resolution over various ranges of measurements.
•       The photodiode array detector can be easily be integrated into the existing workflow.
•       There should be no dampeners deployed to make sure that the solvent delivery system is absolutely pulse free.
•       The automatic solvent degassing and compatibility need to be incorporated to ensure precision flow.
•       A stand-alone system controller designed for maximum flexibility and manoeuvrability is ideal.
•       Accommodation higher numbers of sample vials in a   temperature-controlled environment shall facilitate a faster operation.
•       The HPLC system should necessarily be compliant to various standards stipulated by multiple statutory bodies and laboratory standards.
The HPLC should also have high-quality Photodiode array incorporating following advanced features
•       UV/Vis,
•       Fluorescence which can measure and record simultaneously up to four wavelength detection,
•       Refractive index,
•       Evaporative light scattering,
•       Electrochemical measurement,
•       Solvent delivery pumps,
•       Conductivity and
•       Mass exposure.
Besides the high accurate temperature graph with calibrated over temperature at various points shall help in maintaining accuracy at different ranges.
It is also highly recommended to have a web interface which allows system control, monitor and maintenance information. The installation of the HPLC system should be least complicated, and you should be assured of a high return on investment.   HPLC you choose should be of fully automated analysis with baseline check and auto- purge functions avoiding human error to the core. You can get online status at a glance to make necessary adjustments if called for.
The last but not the least, you need to insist on the reputation of the manufacturer who gives quality products for all your laboratory needs.

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