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AE Electronic Precision balance from the pioneers in weighing technology- SELON

As a part of a pharmaceutical factory whether in management, procurement or operation, you should be aware of the criticality in quality control. And correct weight is the starting point for any quality control drive. We understand and appreciate the importance of high accuracy balances in improving the productivity and quality control in a pharmaceutical factory.
AE electronic balances ensure you the prime criteria in maintaining the quality control and in turn enhance the market standing of your organisation. You are getting the following vital parameters from us
  • Performance  
  • Durability
  • Consistency
  • Traceability
  • Resolution
  • Accuracy and
  • Repeatability
  • Better display
AE electronic balances are designed and manufactured with utmost care and t the same time they are very user friendly. For your convenience we give you the basic, medium and advanced versions depending on your applications. These weighing solutions will offer you ease of operation and at the same time high level of accuracy.
Wind, atmospheric conditions, dirt or for that matter even a whiff of breath will not affect in arriving at the correct weight in any way. These highly dependable balances are the ultimate solution for your high resolution application which is the basis for pharmaceutical factory.
Your demand for high reliability, repeatability and response weighing is met by AE whining machines effectively. So also your quest for ruggedness is met without fail. We are committed in giving you the high resolution weighing solutions so that your product will carry the signature if quality always.
Our analytical balances are being used by many pharmaceutical factories all over the globe. The feedback and repeat orders we receive from those esteemed clientele make us even humble that urge us to produce even better products.
AE electronic balances employ the stat of the art mechanisms. The impeccable quality of the balances we offer surpasses the industry standard many times over. And of course they exceed your expectations. We always put our goal posts further away so as to serve your better.
We understand the most stringent quality standards you have set for your pharmaceutical factory. We also understand the industry standards as well as good manufacturing practice. Hence we have geared up with our standards higher so as to give you the most competitive products- performance wise and cost wise.
These analytical balances are built with passion. Yes, we have the passion for details. Right from the levelling to aesthetic looks that passion will be reflected on our products. We have made the calibration- external and internal – so perfect, so that you will get what you are looking for.
The cutting edge weighing cell we use, the HD colour screen, easy to follow buttons, optional printing facility position our analytical balances a cut above the rest. These electronic balances are ergonomically designed to offer ease of operation to the technicians. These balances are highly stable and easy to maintain.
AE balances give the highest resolutions pharmaceutical factories insisting upon. They are study and durable and will work for years together. We deploy the highly acclaimed Electromagnetic Force compensation (EMFC) weighing cell allowing automatic adjustment.
And finally AE electronic balances do not compromise either in materials, workmanship or ensures unsurpassed productivity to your applications.
We, AE have a set a bench mark in electronic weighing to keep you relaxed. And perhaps we have set the standards so high for others to follow .

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